Why is it that year in and year out, trucking is rated as one of America’s top jobs?

The answer is quite simple. The trucking industry is the lifeline of American manufacturing and distribution. The country’s goods and raw materials rely on a delicate balance between the trucking industry, the drivers, and manufacturers.

It is well known with that without a smooth flowing trucking industry, America’s economy will come to a screeching halt. The grocery stores would not be able to sell products to the citizens, who would not be able to buy food to feed their families, and therefore Mayhem would ensue.

Every time the trucking industry experiences any kind of disruption from either the highways or a shortage of drivers, the prices of goods reflects that interruption. Truck drivers are paid very good money because their jobs are highly demanding, and require intense skill and focus.
To be able to drive across states in short amounts of time takes incredible determination. Trucking is still America’s number one job because no matter what state you live in truck drivers are paid more or less the same through America and Canada. This means that a truck driver in Arkansas is making more or less the same amount of money as a truck driver in New York. However the cost of living in Arkansas and New York varies drastically.

This means a truck driver living in Arkansas can experience top-of-the-line quality of life for the same money. Having the ability to produce large amounts of income for the skills of driving to support America’s booming consumer industry ensures the trucking will be the number one job for years to come.

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