The best trucking company to work for is one that takes on a massive investment to acquire the best drivers. You want to work for a company that has the finances, the capital, and the assets to protect your interests as a driver.

The facts are, all trucking companies want, is to grow their fleet. If a trucking company is not interested in growing their fleet, that it’s not a company you want to work for.

When a trucking company is serious about finding only the right qualified employee, you know that you’re in a good place. The blue ocean Strategy approach to finding drivers is based on recruitment process that 0.01% of trucking companies are using currently.

We combine laser focus geo-targeted, and optimized Facebook advertisements to procure only the most qualified applicants. In addition, we provide all trucking companies with a CRM that can be used to track communication with all applicants and store the contact information of everyone.
The automated messaging sequence used at Blue Ocean was designed to qualify applicants in efficient and highly focused ways. We understand that your time is valuable. As a driver and you want only serious companies considering your application.
When you see that a trucking company has invested considerably in the way they track candidates, you can be sure that you are on the right track.

When you are looking for the best trucking company to work for where do you go? The current industry is set up to support referrals and recruiting agencies that find the bulk of the drivers for the trucking industry. This only produces a small pool of drivers where the largest companies are fighting for drivers from the same pool. Our Unique approach puts your application outside of the recruitment agencies and outside of referrals so that you get direct access with qualified companies. No more fighting for a limited number of jobs.

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