Trucking Industry Trends to Look Out In 2020.

The issues of truck driver shortage continue to be hot topics of discussion in the trucking industry.

Besides this, the concern on how to improve recruiting is another main topic of discussion. Recruiting and retaining good drivers is a struggle for many trucking agencies.

If your recruiting strategy has not been working out in generating expected results, maybe it’s time to try new recruitment strategies or make modifications to the existing strategies in place.

Whatever you may choose to do, we have some great ideas to help you out.

Here are 3 trucking industry trends you want to explore in 2020.

Focus on the driver’s experience

Put yourself in a potential driver’s shoes when onboarding to your company.
How does your recruitment process differ from other trucking businesses?

Can the truck driver get a sense of what it’s like to drive for your company from the very first contact?

Is the recruiter excited talking to your future truck drivers or are they speaking in monotone with no sense of excitement?

The onboarding process…Is it a pleasant experience?

How’s the support?

How quickly is the driver on the road?

Are they made to feel at home or is it more of a mega-carrier feel?

Optimizing the onboarding experience also will spill into how long that driver will most likely stay driving with your trucking company.

First impressions matter.

Video testimonials

Video can be very powerful when used correctly during the recruiting process.

I can’t stress this enough. We’ve been able to more than double qualified truck driver applications by using the right kind of videos.

Video provides a great opportunity to leverage your current drivers to share some of their experiences on the road. Make sure it’s conversational, authentic and not forced.

Let your current drivers speak naturally about their experience and what they like about working for the company.

This provides you with the opportunity to allow your current drivers to spread the word for your company. When the prospective drivers get to see and hear testimonials from their peers. It will create an interest in them to work for your company.

Social channels

Social media is one of the chief trucking industry trends you will see in 2020. Social media is not just posting photos of your trucks and employees.

It’s about ensuring when drivers Google your business (because they will) that your social channels are up to date, a positive picture is painted – this will help your business differentiate amongst your competitors.

Social media can be time-consuming, that’s why a lot of trucking businesses don’t do it.
Working through these trends can give you are recruiting a boost. If you want help getting qualified truck drivers, visit masterclass or reach out to me directly.

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