Truck Driver Shortage to get worse in coming weeks. Rise in cases and lockdown contributing as we approach the holidays.

Truck Driver wearing a mask while making deliveries through the states.

Coronavirus cases continue to surge through the globe. The US has recorded well over 100,000+ cases for the past 14 days straight now. More states and cities are going under strict lockdown to control the spread. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and projections show we will see a huge jump in cases that may surpass 200,000 cases a day. Right around May & June, period trucking companies started to notice more and more drivers leaving the industry. Pandemic has pushed so many drivers into retirement.

“More than 40,000 drivers have come out of the market in just the last six months,”

Said Eric Fuller, CEO of U.S. Xpress based in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Trucking companies are still struggling to attract truck drivers and it’s going to get worse as we move closer to the holidays. 

Here is why –


The Western States practicing strict measures to control the spread

California, Oregon, Washington have instated a quarantine rule. Anyone entering the state has to quarantine for 14 days. So if you’re trying to hire drivers and you are trying to bring them for orientation, that could be a challenge depending on what kind of exemptions drivers may get from the state governments.

As the cases rise in other states more lockdowns could be seen across the US.

At the peak of the pandemic back in spring and early summer, a lot of CDL schools were completely shut down due to the gathering restrictions and lockdowns which effected the number of new truck drivers and graduates in the industry especially when we need truck drivers more than ever to handle increasing freight demands.


Online Holiday Shopping

With Covid-19 people are left with no choice but to order online. Even the people who don’t shop much online are forced to do so because of the increasing restrictions and lockdowns as we go through the second wave. Supply chains will experience unprecedented freight volumes as we approach the holidays. The spot market has been doing very well almost covering for the lost freight from 2019 and mid-2020. It will continue to get stronger even into the early months of 2021.


However, the only thing that will get worse is the driver shortage to meet the current freight and load volumes. Partly why the spot market has been paying so well is carriers are not able to cover loads like used due to a shortage of drivers.


The coming weeks are going to be tough. If you have trucks open right now, it’s going to get worse. As we get closer to Christmas and holidays, trucking businesses really have the next two to three weeks to secure drivers for their open unseated trucks.

The open truck count is going to grow rapidly if fleets don’t ramp up their efforts.

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