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Top Mistakes Trucking Companies Make With Their Driver Application Process

PUBLISHED Mon, Aug, 31 4:26 PM

BY Amrit Dhanraaj


Most large fleets run into the issue where they have millions of different pages and weird navigation drop-down menus on the websites which do nothing BUT confuse the drivers, even more, when they are trying to apply a simple application for a job.

I have coached and helped fleets all across the US & Canada to have the most streamlined and powerful way to keep their website’s simple and turn them into qualified driver application producing machines.

Watch the video above to learn what’s the right way to do this.

Here’s what we cover :

    1. The myth about having two different domains for your fleet and how it’s hurting you.
    2. How to structure your website in the best way possible for drivers to apply in less than 30 seconds.
    3. How to layout your website design to make your trucking company attract more drivers and business.

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