The biggest and the foremost mistake trucking companies make is – Looking in the wrong places

What I mean by that is, think about your driver on the road. He already has a job with you and is busy delivering loads to your customers. Hustling to get there in time and on the phone with your dispatcher. Do you think in he/she has the time or need to go look on a job website for a new job? No! So, stop posting ads on job websites and classifieds.

Then where are they spending their time when they get a minute to breath or relax? Check out in the video above.

Second, If nobody knows you, nobody will work with you.

Who knows you, is more important than who you know.

I talked about an interesting story of how Eddie Stobart became the UK’s biggest hauler overnight. Check it out in the video above.

Building a name for your company is very important, and is mostly overlooked by a lot of trucking businesses that are looking to recruit truck drivers.

Lastly, Leverage what you currently have!

Use your current drivers to attract new guys/gals on the road.

Your truck drivers are your biggest assets and promoters for your business if done right.

Place some non-monetary incentives and promote a fun working environment in your operations. Because a chat from a truck driver to another driver travels far.


Check out the video and give me your feedback in the comments.

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