Tips for Recruiting Truck Drivers

The truck industry is currently facing a shortage of drivers.

There has been a constant need for recruiting truck drivers and are initiating driver retention programs to recruit qualified drivers and retain them for the long-term. 

If your company is also faced with challenges to recruit the right candidates, follow the driver recruitment strategies below to improve truck driver recruiting.

Make your marketing driver-centric

Know that the drivers will first look for information about potential companies and their fleets on social channels.

The existing content on the company website will play a significant role in attracting qualified drivers. If the content is only about the company’s success, it won’t really attract the prospective employee.

Ideally, create content that is also driver-centric. The content should give details about the benefits drivers get from the company.

Highlight culture initiatives, work-life balance, and any wellness programs that distinguish your company from the rest.

Target the right audience

Before moving the prospective drivers through the selection process, make sure that you have selected the right group of candidates.

Go through their files, and select candidates based on years of experience, driver type, haul experience, or other factors. 

Recruiting candidates that already meet your qualifications, will save you time and energy and increase the overall effectiveness of recruiting prospective drivers.

Re-engage old leads

Those leads and prospects that went off the hand and failed to convert into driver status shouldn’t be just forgotten it, but rather followed up in the future.

Many potential drivers who were unavailable previously or chose to drive for another company can soon be available.

You don’t want to continually pester those potential drivers, just do a follow up from time to time. Use engaging content on newsletters or social media to stay connected with them. This will lead them to consider finding a new employer and ultimately lead them to you.

While HR management and recruitment in the trucking industry encounters unique difficulties, initiating these driver recruitment strategies will make finding and recruiting truck drivers for your company less daunting.

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