Three Fundamental Skills That Every Truck Driver Recruiter Must Have

The trucking business can be quite profitable but it’s also incredibly competitive. Those who have gotten into the trucking business through acquisition quickly find out that it’s not easy, and that most fail at it. Failure is usually attributed to a lack of good business skills related to the industry and failure to obtain a consistent flow of qualified truck drivers.

While we help you find and attract qualified drivers for trucking businesses, there are a few key skills that every great recruiter must have.

1. Be Confident and Proactive

The key to becoming a successful truck driver recruiter is to be confident and proactive. Prospective truck drivers will judge whether they want to drive for you in the first few seconds of a call. And as a recruiter, if you don’t come across as confident and sure of the company you will fail to get them behind the wheel. Be confident in asking questions, communicating with the team, and be fearless in telling candidates that they are not the best fit.

2. Be Organized

If you are a driver recruiter, you definitely need to be organized as you will be dealing with numerous candidates and managing a set of different projects at the same time. If you are not keeping the details well organized, things can get really messy. Maintain a to-do list, structure your emails, folders, and calendars so that you are able to arrange your works and perform them accordingly. The most successful recruiters we work with are the ones who are extremely organized.

3. Be Flexible

As a recruiter, you need to be patient and flexible to adapt to different changing situations. At times, some tasks might take longer than usual, it’s important that you remain calm during such time. This will help you retain the prolonged interest of the candidate in the position. You also need to be flexible with the regular office hours in spending messages or email responses to potential drivers.

These are just some of the key skills that make a successful recruiter.

Continue to work on these skills as a recruiter, and you’ll soon find more qualified drivers choosing to drive for you.

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