The DO’s and DON’Ts When Recruiting Truck Drivers

Running a trucking company can be a profitable business. To succeed in it, however, you’ll need complete knowledge about the industry, have skills to build out your business, and perhaps most importantly find great drivers and retain them to keep your trucks running. So, here are some practical dos and don’ts to remember when recruiting your truck drivers.


  • The first and important thing you need to do when recruiting a truck driver is to make your expectation known early. Brief them about your company and the company’s goal and what is expected from them as employees.
  • Before taking the candidates through the recruiting pipeline, make sure that you have selected the right candidates for the job. You can take the help of the databases to select a candidate based on their years of experience, driver type, location, and other factors.
  • Do follow up after the interview. Send a short video message or personalized email to share an interest in working together and also learn about their concerns in working with you.
  • It is always good to engage your new drivers with the rest of your team on the first day itself. Help them get to know the people you work with and as well understand the job roles and responsibility.
  • Also, get to know the people you are recruiting. Understand what made them choose your company or the job and what do they hope to accomplish in the coming years or even in a few months. This helps ensure effective driver recruiting and retention of your drivers.


  • Don’t hire someone because you know them and comfortable with them, but look for someone who is an expert in the field. If you are hiring acquaintances make sure they are qualified and are a good fit for the company.
  • Don’t rush the onboarding process. Do not overlook the initial opportunities you get to know your driver better and for them to know your company. Remember the first impression matters, so be considered about the message you are conveying on the first day.
  • Do not engage in false and risky practices. Obviously, you won’t be subjecting them to dangerous working conditions, but it is always best to state the obvious. Make them feel clear about their responsibilities and also let them know that their safety your priority.

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