This week was crazy busy but amazing! Packed with meeting new people everyday, which I absolutely enjoy. 👨‍💼
But this week also retaught me something. 👩‍🏫
Something I knew & always had it in the back of my mind, but never really felt it.
Last night at the gym 🏋️‍♂️, half way through my workout I already started feeling tired & down.
I know when I get to the gym. I have a strategy in mind already. What workout, what body part I want to focus on today.
What kind of sets, reps & exercise. I’m going to perform.
But strange thing happen. When I felt tired, I started working out on a different body part. Which left my chest (which I was initially working on) in between.
By the time I finished working out. I realised the total time in the gym turned desultory.
I felt disappointed and moved on. But noticed similar patterns throughout the week. Whether it was work or personal life or even just shopping.
I would go out with a strategy and then execute on it but not follow through the structure. We all have visions in life and we build a strategy around it to achieve them.
BUT ALWAYS ALWAYS build a STRUCTURE to nail that strategy. How do you build a structure?
By Laying out each and every step which will get you there and commit to walk on it 100%
Don’t get confused between Structure and Strategy. Strategy is an overview of your goals. The nitty gritty ways to accomplish/execute your strategy is what’s a structure.
Never get distracted with easy way or an alternative way, because one never hits the end goal as projected. If you don’t follow the minute things on your road map i.e. STRUCTURE
The hierarchy follows like this –
photo credits to Jess Khurana

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