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(It’s incredibly important that you watch this entire video before your call).


  1. Watch the full video above and forward this page to all the decision makers on your team.
  2. ​Check your email inbox for confirmation of your Zoom call and calendar meeting invite. Please mark it in your calendar now and let me know if you got the zoom link.
  3. Show up to the call ready to take action, to take notes – with every one of your decision makers. I promise you this will be the most important business call you’ll take this year.


Listen to what trucking companies are saying about their experience in our programs…

Tucker Freight Lines


When AJ Tucker and I spoke for the first time, he had four trucks parked against the fence waiting for drivers.

After 8 weeks of helping AJ, they doubled their fleet size. In the next 10 months, they had tripled their growth. How? Watch the video to find out.

“I’ve been in the business for 20 years growing a company to almost 1,000 trucks and I’ve never seen anything like this.

We are flooded with leads. I can’t say enough good about it.”

– AJ Tucker, CEO of Tucker Freight Lines

I’ve never had so many drivers contact me in a short amount of time… the problem before we met Amrit is we didn’t have the quality. Now we have so much to choose from we can be picky”

– Shanna & Jeff, Blachowske Truck Line

Blachowske Truck Line

Blachowske Truck Line


Jeff and Shanna were trying everything under the sun to try to find qualified drivers for their pneumatic bulk operations. They were ready to hang up on me in the first 5 minutes of the call.

How did they end hiring so many drivers in such a short amount of time? Find out in the video.

Bowerman Trucking


Matt Bowerman, the CEO of Bowerman Trucking was skeptical to say the least when he heard my bold claims.

But that scepticism quickly disappeared when he saw more qualified applications in just a few weeks working with us than in the past 5 years combined.

Find out how they were able to grow two folds in 3 months flat in the video.

“We have more drivers applying in the last weeks than in the past 5 years combined!

It literally blew me away”

– Matt Bowerman, CEO of Bowerman Trucking

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“I made sure I called Amrit the second I got 4 teams in one week! Nobody offers this.”

– Travis & Shelley, COO / Manager of Recruiting – Fleetmaster Express


Fleetmaster Express


Shelley was very hesitant to take the call with me.

She thought it would be another advertising company trying to pitch their services and get them ‘leads’.

All of that changed once we jumped on a call and got to work. Find out what the game changer was Travis and Shelley in the video.

Cheema Freightlines


Harman and I had been connected on Linkedin for a sometime before we started working together.

In the past Harman was using online classifieds and word of mouth to seat his trucks, but just didn’t have the quantity he needed to grow his fleet.

Watch the video to see what Harman has to say about working with us.

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“In the past we’ve used job boards… since working with we’ve been bombarded with overwhelming number of responses from drivers.”

– Harman Cheema, CEO of Cheema Freightlines

Play Video about Bozeman Trcuks

We were all pretty skeptical. We decided to work with Amrit & within the first week… we took off!

We’d never seen that amount of leads come in & that amount of interest. It was just crazy! The night day difference from before working with him & then after.

– Madison, Chief Communications Officer of JM Bozeman

JM Bozeman Enterprises

JM Bozeman Enterprises


A couple of years ago the team at JM Bozeman were in a pretty scary predicament. They were facing the pandemic & the driver shortage & they knew things needed to change.

So, how did everything change in such a short amount of time?

Watch the video to hear from Madison directly.

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"Amrit! Thank you! Thank you! You're absolutely amazing! We've hired 3 teams today!"


All of these outstanding results from these amazing trucking companies have one thing in common…

Though they may have been hesitant at first, even skeptical, they all chose to invest directly into their business & equip their team with the tools to succeed.


We help trucking companies get qualified drivers without using job boards, recruitment, or marketing agencies. We do this through our proprietary programs that involve software, templates, training, resources, and coaching – with a strong emphasis on meeting drivers where their at online.

Nope. We are not an agency…our clients run their recruitment internally. The economics just don’t work at scale with the outsourced model. Driver recruitment is the most important part of your business – so outsourcing it is dangerous. If your recruitment/marketing agency walks away, you’re S.O.L.

Our goal is to help you build an internal recruiting department that runs itself.

We work with a broad range of fleets from smaller fleets to some of the largest fleets in America. This includes local, regional and OTR fleets, Dry Van, Reefer, Pneumatic Bulk, Flatbed, Automotive hauling, and more.

Within a few months, we’ve helped 2X – 3X fleet sizes of 100+ trucks or more… without you having to post on job boards, hire an outside firm, or offer any kind of sign-on bonus or pay increase.

Though we are selective with whom we work with – we’ll take a deep dive into your recruiting process on your scheduled call to ensure we can overdeliver.

Nope. We do not train your recruiters how to recruit. What we do is flood your recruiters with a waiting list of qualified drivers who have already expressed a high interest in driving for your fleet, and your fleet only.

This is the only way we can make sure we seat your empty trucks and grow your fleet. | Privacy Policy | Terms

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