Blue Ocean Strategy

How This One Simple Adjustment Has Helped Several Trucking Businesses Attract Quality Drivers on Demand…

How This One Simple Tweak Has Helped Several Trucking Businesses Attract Quality Drivers on Demand…

Dear Trucking Business Owner,

If you have been struggling to find qualified drivers for your fleet and you need to find something that works for recruitment… Keep reading.

The following is going to help you fill all your vacant trucks with qualified truckers. Drivers ready to hit the road and make you money.

However, this is NOT for trucking companies who are unethical in how they operate (we’ve had companies take advantage of this system and it has hurt many drivers).

This is for the business owner who is committed to the process and beyond.

And, you know what? Even if you DON’T want help –

Read this.

Learn from it.

And apply it.


Today’s Fleet Owners are Suffering

It’s something that is being talked about to no end.

For trucking business owners, the weight of insurance, equipment, customers, drivers, staff, family, and your hard work is on your shoulders…

… and when you look around, there isn’t a lot of support.

On top of that, you have the biggest, darkest issues of all –

Driver shortages.

It’s impeding the growth of your trucking company.

But, why are you unable to attract drivers?

With your hands, you’ve built something amazing and want more drivers to be a part of it.

You are paying them great wages…

You give them proper home time…

Heck, you’re even putting them in a brand-new truck in most cases…


Why have you hit this roadblock?

Now, you might say –

Amrit, the entire industry is facing this issue.

It’s not only me!

Well, let me tell you something.

You’re correct, 99.99% of the industry IS facing the same issue.

But there is that 0.01% that’s NOT.

The problem comes down to…


There’s too much Clutter and B.S.

Where do you go when you’re looking to recruit drivers for your trucking company?

Job websites.

That’s the first place every trucking company starts at…

If that doesn’t work, you resort to recruiting agencies…

Now, what if that fails?

You start offering big sign-on bonuses hoping to attract drivers…


We have thousands of trucking placement agencies out there that think they know the ‘secret’ behind truck driver recruitment. The approach trucking business like yours and promise leads.

They make promises without ever having stepped foot in a semi, knowing what drivers like and hate, or having run a trucking business or started anything from scratch, like you.

…So, you tried with these guys.

…And it didn’t work.

And they run off with the money you paid them.

I know this because 95% of our clients have had this happen to them.

Fast Forward

You have tried everything under the big blue sky…

And still, you have trucks sitting empty. Costing you thousands per day, waiting to be filled…

I speak to hundreds of trucking companies every month, some small, some big, who go through this pain every day.

So, let me break it down for you…

The issue is every trucking company is out there promoting its hiring message in the same way and fashion.

RESULT: No one is winning!

This is what I call a “Red Ocean.”

Cut-throat competition in existing small driver pool turning the ocean bloody red. Hence the term “Red ocean.”

Competing in this Red Ocean is a zero-sum game. A market-competing strategy divides existing drivers between rival trucking companies.

As competition increases, drivers and growth decline.

The Red Ocean is where 99.9% of these trucking companies exist when looking for drivers…


You Need a Plan

A plan, proven to work for your trucking business.

A framework or strategy that you will focus all of your energy into getting trucks seated while handpicking the drivers for your operation.

I’m ALL ABOUT frameworks.

(If we ever work together, you will see all the frameworks we use for every aspect of growing your trucking business – it’s crazy cool)

Our clients come to us because they want more drivers, better shippers, and growth.

The framework I use is called the “Blue Ocean Strategy”

And I want to show you how you can create your own “Blue Ocean” in your respective hiring regions or markets.

Blue Ocean Strategy creates new demand. You develop uncontested space rather than fighting over a shrinking driver pool.

Creating your own Blue Oceans is non-zero-sum. There is ample opportunity for attracting drivers that are both profitable and fast-acting.

Using online media to educate about your trucking company will bring you more returns than simply poaching drivers.

“Hey, this is our CPM! Want to get in our truck?”

Will fail and keep you in that Red Ocean. PERIOD.


So Now What?

A strategy is the starting point of taking your current marketing to the next level.

So, we got to get on a call and talk one-on-one.

We are in Winnipeg, Canada so if you’re in town we’ll take you out for some wine and cheese 🙂

Together on the call, we will create a strategy that’s custom-fitted for your trucking business.

You can take that plan and run with it (and I will wish you the best) or you will want to join our private trucking client program and have us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our primary aim is to make this the single best investment you’ve ever made.

Turn those sitting trucks into money-making machines with your decal on the door.


I Know You’ve Heard it all before…

I know you’ve been “pitched” to… a lot.

People selling you a bottle of snake oil.

The old, “you must buy today or else” and good old-fashion counters to rejections.

That’s not me… The ugly fact is, I’ve been labelled the worst salesmen of all time! Don’t believe me? I have it on video. You can watch it on my Results page.

I’m simply not a salesperson… We don’t have any “salespeople” on our team because we believe that simply helping ethical trucking businesses will build the trust that is needed to expand our business and fulfill our mission.

I just want you to be happy. So if we talk and you leave with a plan, awesome.  My job is done!

If you hire my team to help you… rad, I’m delighted to have you in our strong trucking community.

Here’s What to do Next

If you’re even slightly interested in this Blue Ocean Strategy and want to chat about it, schedule a time on the link below.

You’ll fill out a simple questionnaire that lets me know where you’re at, so I have a better understanding before I get on the call.

Sadly… this isn’t for everyone. If you don’t fall under our parameters of who we can help, we’ll send you information that can help take your business to the next level.

Okay, that’s it… I’m known for talking/writing way too much.

Schedule a time below!

To your success,




P.S. – I know some of you skipped to the bottom so I’ll summarize it here.

There are 2 ways to find drivers for trucking businesses.

If you focus on the strategy I mentioned above you will grow and attract drivers at an unmatched level.

If you want to jump on a phone call with me, we can strategize this Blue Ocean Strategy for your trucking business, absolutely free.

And heck, if you hate it I’ll pay you $100 for wasting your time.

… so what are you waiting for?

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