51 seconds…
That’s how long someone spends on your website before they bounce forever and never return. Meanwhile, only 20% of drivers ever click on the ads you might be running for hiring them. (if you’re lucky!)
How do you hire your targeted DRIVERS if you can’t even get in front of them?
Short answer?
You can’t
If your trucking business truly has what other trucking businesses doesn’t, it’s your moral obligation to stop.being.invisible.
Bringing the right driver traffic is a challenge but to convert them or retain them on your application page is another. 
The most important thing you don’t even know is happening – Interested Driver applicants that visit your website or application form and never fill or submit their info.
How do you bring those drivers back and convert them into leads and then your hired driver?
By installing Facebook Pixel and Google Tacking Code behind your website.
This morning I audited Top 20 Trucking Fleets of North America and guess what?? 
80% of them don’t even have a PIXEL or Tracking Code installed on their website.
Here’s why you should care…
You can show ads to Drivers that visited a specific page or engaged with your site in a certain way.
Powerful audiences like…
Drivers who spent the most time on your site…
Drivers who read a specific blog post…
Drivers who landed on application page BUT didn’t apply…
Hyper targeted ads to find the right Driver at the right time gives you the ability to become authority in your niche.
Don’t wait. 70% of Drivers who visited your application page on your site will never return.
Unless you “pixel” them and show ads to stay top of mind and bring them back into your world. This will double your reach and number of driver applications with qualified people who are already interested in your trucking business. And you can do this with just $5/day.
Want to learn exactly how you can use the Facebook Pixel to double your driver count ?
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