Mobile Marketing: Recruiting Drivers On The Move

Guillermo goes over some key points on how to navigate social media during this pandemic

The number one marketing tool at your company’s disposal is something we look at every day… your phone.

Your mobile device is like velcro, and ads for brands and products you like are all the gunk that gets stuck on it that you can’t clean off.

Basically, the ads you see on a daily basis are tailored to your interests, hobbies, and pages you already follow on your social media.

People have 2X more interactions with brands and products on their phones than anywhere else — that includes TV, in-store, you name it.

70% of web traffic is happening on mobile devices

And with over 70% of web traffic happening primarily on mobile devices, this is a huge demographic of people that you could be reaching daily. Whether it be for the purpose of hiring new drivers or finding clients to grow your business, mobile marketing is a powerful tool. 

With little effort, you could be reaching drivers or clients who aren’t even thinking about looking for a job or looking for an alternative to hauling freight!

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