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How To Get 335 Drivers In 2 Weeks?

Woman lie, men lie, numbers don’t.
This was a video I recorded exactly a year ago.
At that time 335 drivers in 2 weeks was a milestone for the business.
Weeks prior to that video, my team and I had been tweaking funnels, copywriting, advertisements, videos, images, etc. just trying to break 150 applications per week.

And then BAM! We got it!

335 qualified driver applications in two weeks, 168 per week!
No, we’re NOT talking about leads.
We’re NOT talking about people applying who drove a truck once…

I mean QUALIFIED drivers.

“Woman lie, men lie, numbers don’t.”

Drivers up to your company’s specifications. Drivers with a minimum driving experience of 1 year.
Drivers who won’t waste your time and money.
It is not some sort of wizardry…
It’s battled tested results…
We have worked our method into a science! A supercharged formula we put into action for each of our clients who are ready to seat parked trucks or grow their fleet size.
Our methods are tried and tested and they work.
335 driver applications is no longer a milestone. In fact, it’s common.
What could you do with 300 qualified drivers knocking at your door right now?

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