How To Create a Client Voice For Your Trucking Business

You’ve heard us talk about how powerful video marketing iI have an all-star creative team that does a great job editing videos and creating scripts that work well with all my clients.I leave it to them to create something that is informative and binge-worthy for every new client. They create ads, social media posts that are engaging, and oftentimes I leave them to their work without asking too many questions.

The truth is… I usually just shut the door and all I can hear is the electric buzz of their creativity and on the other side is the incredible finished product.

Sometimes when we sign a new client, the client needs a complete imagining of their online presence and “voice.” This is something that Nona and Guillermo do very well. 

A client’s online presence is important to get right. We want the voice to match the client.

Most importantly, we want the client to not be too uncomfortable with the video ads and other content we’ll be shooting. That being said, a little discomfort and some pushing of some boundaries are okay — after all, not many people are accustomed to being on camera.

In this video, Guillermo goes over his process and the questions he asks, and how he nails down the voice and online presence of each of our clients.

Check it out here… and enjoy!

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