Finding Truck Drivers is a big problem – YES we all know that!

The Second biggest challenge is attracting the right quality drivers!

Now let’s say you do get your ideal driver, how do you keep them all organized without having to scroll through Spreadsheets and Excel files?

What happens when you get ideal Driver Joe on the phone and he tells you,
“I’m driving call me sometime tomorrow. ”
How do your recruiters even remember that? By putting a sticky note on the computer screen or a reminder on their phone or writing it in Excel and then forgetting about it?
How do they remember to follow up about the drug test for driver Dillon?
How do they remember to follow up after the orientation?
And here is the big one – How do they remember to follow up with someone who is not experienced today but will be in 6 months?
Tediously adding a reminder in your calendar every single time?
Those are the same tasks for each recruiter has to go through but with so many different variables and zillions of reminders to remind them who to follow up with and when.
If you’re still juggling between 10 different Excel sheets, using sticky notes that don’t even stick and putting reminders into your phones to track when to follow up with someone and assign task to fleet managers and driving instructors in your company.
There is a serious problem and you are losing MILLIONS of dollars!
All the precious dollars invested to get these leads go to waste if you do not have an air tight backend system in place to handle them correctly.
You need a DRM – Driver Relationship Management System.
From getting a driver lead to seating them on a truck. It takes care of it all!
No more sticky notes that don’t stick…
No more Excel files and Spreadsheets…
No more calendar reminders…
And No more email chains having to notify other team members that a new driver has been hired…
Best of all you get this DRM for free when you work with us. Just like all of our clients – trucking companies just like yours!
Watch the full demo above 

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