Do You Make These Mistakes When Trying To Hire Experienced Drivers?

Do you know why you should never post on a job site when looking for drivers?

Or why hiring an agency to post more ads is destroying your reputation?

And why relying solely on your recruiters to seat your drivers is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly millions, every year?


According to a new report, these are examples of innocent mistakes almost every trucking company makes when hiring drivers. But there’s a more significant mistake – not knowing how to position your fleet as the #1 option for drivers in your hiring regions.

Here’s the problem:

  1. The competition for drivers is so fierce that qualified drivers have an abundance of options
  2. Every fleet is offering the same package, more or less.

For example, I typed in “CDL jobs in Los Angeles” on a popular job site and got 1,888 job posts from fleets looking for drivers…

And everyone is selling the same thing:
more home-time, top CPM, late-model equipment, etc.

How can you stand out to a driver when you’re just 1 of the 1,888 job posts competing to grab their attention? You can’t.

That’s why you need to do things differently & by doing so, you’ll position your fleet as the #1 option for drivers in your hiring regions.

Here are the 5 steps you need to take to position your fleet as the #1 option for drivers in your hiring regions:

  1. Identify your “ideal driver” before you do anything.
  2. Create an irresistible offer that your drivers would feel stupid passing up on.
  3. Don’t buy more ads – instead, get “in front of” your competition.
  4. Embrace the complexity of driver recruitment & work hard to develop marketing that talks to your best drivers.
  5. Develop a follow-up system because that’s how you’ll really grow your fleet.

1. Identify Your Ideal Driver

The fastest-growing fleets have identified their “driver avatar”: the perfect driver for their operations. They’ve spent time thinking of exactly what makes an ideal driver, put that image on paper, & have created driver recruitment strategies explicitly designed to attract only that type of driver.

“Amrit, how could there be a single driver avatar? After all, we’ll take anyone as long as they have 2 years of experience & a clean MVR.”

Don’t trucking companies want to hire every driver they can?

Fleets who know little to nothing about driver recruitment say they want to hire “any driver,” but they don’t know any better.

There are many reasons for this – I mentioned earlier that each campaign is designed only for your ideal driver.

Driver recruitment strategies need to be designed to attract that driver and repel any driver that doesn’t match that model.

Otherwise, when you try to advertise to ALL drivers, it gets costly & you ultimately end up hiring no drivers or paying for applicants you don’t want to hire.


2. The 4 Additional Steps

How do you differentiate your offer when it seems as though there’s very little difference between your fleet & others running similar operations? Similar CPM, routes, home time, equipment, etc…

We’ll go over the answer to this & the following steps in my next email.

Packaging your offer is critical in hiring the right quality of drivers.

If you follow these steps, you’ll hire more qualified drivers, grow your fleet & building a waiting list of drivers ready to drive for you.

These steps instantly put you among the most successful trucking companies.

Blow any of them, and you’ll forever be in the driver recruitment rat race.


– Amrit Dhanraaj

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