Hi, I'm Amrit!

The Arnold Schwarzenegger of attracting drivers for Ethical Trucking Businesses.

Anyway – what do you want to know?

I live in Winnipeg, Canada with my wife, Jenn.

My parents are in India, I have two sisters, and a bunny in our backyard that Jenn likes to feed.

I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering,

“Is this guy worth my time and attention?”

For many trucking business owners, my answer is  ABSOLUTELY.

Let me show you why…

Jenn and me

I started as a Truck Mechanic

I have worked in various areas within the trucking industry.
Starting as a Truck & Transport Mechanic for some of the top suppliers like Volvo, Western Star dealerships & fleets like Bison Transport and Trimac Transportation. 
This was my toolbox before learning what I known now. It now sits in my garage for my personal automotive projects. 
That’s my beautiful wife with me. We were working on her dad’s bus that weekend.
Office photo

Then I transitioned to be a Transport Planner

After working as a Technician, I realized I needed more from life.
From there, I proceeded to work in Trucking Logistics throughout Western Canada. I worked for some of the largest grain companies in Canada as a Logistics Planner to secure freight and move grain all across North America through rail and truck. 
Here is a photo of my desk. You can see a map on the wall, I used for highway weight restrictions.
Office photo
Get Truck Drivers

Here is the twist to my story!

When procuring trucking companies, I would come across the exact same problem every single day: There are no drivers. I would call trucking companies to hire them for more work and they would refuse. Trucking company owners would all express the exact same problem to me…
“We have trucks, trailers, and all the equipment ready to go. Finances and everything, but just don’t have enough drivers.”
Canada and the US are currently facing a huge deficit of drivers. With the aging driving force and less people entering the industry, the problem of driver shortages is climbing day by day.
I now work as a Trucking Consultant, who helps struggling Trucking companies grow and find high caliber drivers through strategic outreach and powerful marketing.
My mission is to help as many ethical trucking companies grow at unprecedented levels. And, no B.S., we are doing everything humanly possible to accomplish our mission.
Join me in this movement. 
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