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5 Things Your Driver Recruiter Should Be Doing

So you’ve got your hiring campaign going full throttle, and you’re getting a ton of drivers knocking at your door wanting to behind the wheel of one of your trucks.

They’re excited, they’re ready to work, and they are ready to start a career with you.

Your recruiter is the first line of contact for these drivers. A good recruiter can keep a potential new-hire interested and ready to sign on the dotted line. 

But, a struggling recruiter can close the door on these leads and have them spread the word about how unprepared your company is. 

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible recruiters who have managed to seat empty trucks in a matter of weeks just by staying focused and following up with every single lead that comes in.

We’ve talked to them and asked them what makes them good at what they do. In the following video, we’ll let you in on the secret of what makes a good recruiter, and how you can make sure your recruiter is hiring people as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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