4 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Truck Driver Advertising

Competition for driver recruitment is at an all-time high. This is because of the increase in the demand for truck drivers in the trucking industry. You and your competitors are probably going after the same candidates searching for job opportunities. So where do these drivers go? What company looks better in their eye? Honestly, the answer is who looks more appealing to them through effective advertising. Highly effective recruiting strategies and plans allow you to stay get ahead of your competition. However, the problem is that those small yet important factors in creating an effective truck driver advertising are too often overlooked.

The good news is that these mistakes can often be easily be avoided. You have to realize the importance of driver advertisement  Here are four mistakes that you should check out and see that you are not making the same mistake when you are looking for the best candidates for your company.

1. Reaching out to the Wrong Drivers

Trucking business don’t want to see their recruitment budget being burned on unwanted leads or no leads at all. From the start, you need to determine what a qualified driver looks like. Think: culture and experience as well as qualifications. Start by examining the characteristics of your present truck drivers, such as experience, age, preferred lanes, etc. This will give you a better idea of the type of candidates you want to reach out to.

2. Not Thinking Mobile

Today, smartphones have becomes the most common device people use for browsing the internet. This means your potential drivers will also be using smartphones to view your advertisement. Not to mention that your ideal driver is always on the move, and during their downtime, they are scrolling their phones looking for something to capture their attention. This is why mobile-friendly advertising becomes a necessity. Your truck driver advertising should be easily viewed on any smartphones. You also want to shorten your application. Too long application form makes candidates lose their interest in going through the form.

3. Taking time to Respond to Leads

It definitely takes a great amount of budget and effort to get leads from your advertising. But did you know that you don’t only generate leads during work hours. You can make use of voicemail, emails, and SMS messaging to let your candidates their application was received and that your company will get back to them soon. This will keep the candidates interested in your company instead of trying on some other company.

4. Not Focusing on Driver-Centric Content

Job description, requirements, and benefits are the basics of what advertising must include. However, most advertising gives emphasis on them instead of focusing on the driver experience. The drivers are aware of the type of job they are expected to do. What they are really interested in finding a job where they are appreciated and valued.

When racing towards hiring the best trucking drivers, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. Overlooking these mistakes in your truck driver advertising can keep you behind your competitors. Examining your advertising often to avoid these mistakes and increase efficiency in finding your truck drivers.

If you need experts to help in finding the best truck drivers, contact Get Truck Drivers. We will help you make sure that you avoid these mistakes and make finding your drivers more efficient.

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