3 Reasons why you’re failing to reach out to your clients

It is very important to get your message to your potential clients loud and clear and to strike a nerve.  Get their attention, peak their interest, and lure them in.

The first mistake is not targeting the right audience. You need to connect with your target audience to maximize your effort and cost.  Know where they will be and how to communicate with them. There is no reason to send your message to people who are not your potential buyers. Wasting your precious advertising dollars on people who have nothing to do with your industry is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Second mistake is not sending the right message. Think about a time when you watched a great movie. What captivated you? Its script. Your message should clearly indicate what you are selling, who you are selling it to, and how it can benefit them right off the hop.

Lastly, using the wrong medium to spread your message will make you miss the mark when reaching out to clients. If you’re still using radio or newspaper ads, you are targeting a very limited audience and probably being ineffective. We live in an era of technology. Traditional paper mediums are fast becoming antiquated and clumsy.

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