Coronavirus and Truckers: Practical tips on how to stay safe

As truck drivers, the luxury of staying home from work is rarely an option.

Driving truck isn’t your standard job where you’re in close proximity, working out of an office or a restaurant. Truck drivers are in constant contact and proximity from goods that are directly off the ports — goods from oversees where the virus is more apparent. 

According to the Business Insider article published March 11, truck drivers as one of the largest chunks at risk for not only catching coronavirus but potentially spreading it to others.”

The article says truck drivers are twice as likely as the average working American to not have health insurance, according to a 2014 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Paid sick leave is also not a common benefit across many trucking jobs.

Social distancing has been among the tops ways of making sure contamination does not spread but as truckers, that isn’t something you can do. 

So what are some ways truck drivers can decrease their chances of contamination or spreading illnesses?

Wash and sanitize your hands!

The virus is easily killed on surfaces with mild soaps and cleaners. Wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds. Use paper towels to open doors and sanitize when possible.

Stay alert!

Wherever you buy your next meal, ensure the employees are using proper cleanliness procedures when handling food. Ensure shower booths are clean.

Stay tidy!

Keep your cab and sleeper tidy and disinfected to avoid contamination. 

Filling ill? Stay Home!

If you are feeling ill (fever, sore throat, aches and pains), stay home! Remember, it isn’t about you working through the illness, it’s about spreading the virus to others who might have a weaker immune system than you. 

Get Accurate!

Get accurate information about COVID-19. Sources include the Pan American Health Organization and WHO websites.

Are you an owner-op? How has COVID-19 affected you? What steps are you taking to stay safe?

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