5 Ways to Use Video For Driver Recruitment – Part 2


  • People’s attention span is shrinking and is now less than 6 seconds which is the same for a goldfish.
  • 85% of people on the internet are watching videos right now.
  • As a fleet owner, you need to leverage video but not just video marketing but a pattern interrupt video marketing.

Know that the drivers will first look for information about potential companies and their fleets on social channels.

Let’s be honest…

People’s attention span is shrinking!

I probably have already lost you in this blog post! People are not spending the time to read long advertisements or job postings anymore because they have other things to do.

And that is where the beauty of video marketing is.

I could go into a bunch of numbers and statistics about how much more value images have over the written word — but instead, I’ll give you the numbers that really matter…

85% of people on the internet are watching videos right now.

Scrolling through on their phones, tablets, or laptops watching videos that immediately catch their attention.

And here’s the caveat to so much content on the internet…

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of cat videos and cooking hacks.

What you need to know, as a fleet owner, is what we call a “Pattern Interrupt.”

A pattern interrupt is what makes people stop and watch your video for more than just three seconds. It’s what draws people into your content and keeps them there to enjoy all the videos you have to offer.

In part 2 of this video series, I take a deeper dive into video marketing and how you can create videos that will stop people in their tracks and hear what you have to say!

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